Learn the hidden truths behind this reality.

So you can step into the powerful you,

You just naturally are.

These secrets are the main reasons why it has been so hard for many of us to be the person we came here to be, making the difference we came here to make.

The first HUGE secret is the energetic forces resisting our growth.  Now we’ve all heard about Universal Energy and Love that is here to support us.  And yes, that is true.  Universal Energy does want to support you and does want you to succeed…….. But what you haven’t been told, and one of the big reason why the Law of Attraction hasn’t fully (or even partially) worked for you is

There are other energetic forces that just DON’T want you to step into your power.  They want to world to remain EXACTLY as it is and for you to stay exactly where you are.  Because when you step into your power, they KNOW you WILL create a better world.  And they don’t want that.

While these forces don’t STOP you, they do resist you.  I describe them as much like the wind, when you are riding a bicycle.  It doesn’t stop you from moving forward, but if you are trying to ride quickly, it really slows you down.  If we don’t acknowledge these external resisting forces, we rationally think that it must be a limitation in us, resisting us, preventing us, from having what we desire.

FALSE – It isn’t you, preventing you from doing anything!

When I first recognized these external forces resisting me and I removed them, I was able to make HUGE shifts in awareness and my success.  I now recognize that for anything that isn’t changing, there are energetic forces and/or energetic blocks locking them in place.

My energetic change system is DESIGNED to remove these forces as well as any blocks, energetic, emotional, or rational that keep you from your FULL power and capacities.

If you are ready for fast dynamic change to create the life you desire and are READY to choose to work weekly with me, contact me below to see what deep change is possible with us working together.

Because I KNOW how hard life can be for some of you and not everyone has the resources for ongoing support and guidance, I keep a small number of one-time slots open.  You can find these in my shop.

My mission: is for kind, caring people to be in positions of power.  In business, corporation, government, politics, finance and more.

Because when kind caring people are in positions of power, they (we) will create a world that works for all of us.

Max Riggs December 21st, 2018

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