What prevents change?

Why would we need life coaching?  As most of us think that we should just be able to change the thoughts, the beliefs, the habits that aren't working for us.  When we can't change these, we often think that we must not be good enough or that we aren't strong enough.  But what if that just isn't true?

One reason change can be difficult is that our thoughts and beliefs are designed to be a hard for us to change.  That can be a benefit to us so we aren't constantly changing our beliefs about the world, jumping this way and that way with any new information.  Though it also becomes a challenge when we are trying to change limiting beliefs or thoughts that aren't working for us.

So how to we start to create the change we desire?

In our brains, memories, thoughts and beliefs are not stored as one thing, but in three components.  The actual experience (or thought), what we think about that experience, and the emotions we have around that experience.  These three work together creating a check and balance system that keeps our thoughts and beliefs fixed and unchanging.  Just thinking about changing a thought or belief,  just doesn't work. To break through these fixed thoughts we need new tools and techniques.

In my life coaching practice, one of  the most powerful tools for change I use is energetic clearings.  These energies change the emotional charge - one of the components that keeps thoughts and beliefs locked into the old pattern.  When we remove this emotional charge, we then have access to change thoughts and beliefs.  In addition to these energetic clearings, I use reframing techniques to get at and then change the underlying reasons we created these limiting thoughts and beliefs in the first place.  I've found that most of our limiting beliefs were based on conclusions that seem like logical decisions about our experiences, but those decisions were not actually true.  These two tools allow us to get at and change many of these limiting beliefs.

If you have used energetic techniques before and there are still some things that you haven't been able to change, there is another piece to this puzzle that most people, even teachers, don't know.  Is now the time to try life coaching using this method?

The Three Parts that further lock beliefs in place

The Part That is Yours

We often think that ALL of what we are trying to change is ours. It's inside our minds so it sure seems like it would be all ours. That we should be able to change it, if only we were strong enough or committed enough.  But, the "Part that is Yours", is actually just one of the three parts of what keeps beliefs and thoughts in place.

The Part that is Someone Else's

We often bought ideas and beliefs about ourselves from other people, our parents, teachers, or friends.  These ideas and beliefs aren't even ours, so just like you can't change someone else's thoughts, you can't change these.  Don't worry, while we can't change these beliefs bought from others, we can instead kick them out.

The Part that is Something Else's

These are the energetic forces ranging from the beliefs that our society projects at us to other energetic forces that are not often talked about.   I've found that removing these forces allows us to get at and change things that previously weren't changeable even with energetic tools.

Next Steps...

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