My Approach

In my practice as a life coach, I see everything you are doing or have done as showing your strengths.  Yes, even the crazy messed up stuff that doesn't seem it could possibly be empowering.  What? "How's that possible," you might be asking?  If we go back to the step right before you made that seemingly dis-empowering choice, the power is actually there.  We just don't usually see it.  When you work with me as your life coach, I can show the power in that choice and once we see it together, you will appreciate yourself more and then can more easily change what isn't working for you.  Starting each session from the power of you, gives you the strength to change things that previously were unchangeable.

Another core aspect in my Life Coach practice is to look without judgment about anything you have ever done or have chosen.  Removing the negative charge of judgment around who you are, what you have been or what you have done, or what you have not done, actually gives you more freedom to change it!


What do you need now?

Whether you require support and nurturing or guidance and encouragement, you will be supported on your journey.



Max Riggs

Dynamic Change Coach

Consciousness Facilitator

Energetic Body and Being Tuner



Through my years of training in multiple processes, disciplines, and techniques I have learned and developed some of the quickest and most effective methods of getting to the root of issues/challenges and removing them. These tools, along with a combination of re-framing and energy techniques, create change quickly. You will be surprised at how fast it can work with me as your life coach.  What you might have thought would take years, or what you thought you might never be free of, might be lightened after one or only a few sessions.  Just think what your life could be like with one of my Dynamic Change packages.

If you have something you would like to change or have any questions about what we could change together, please contact me.  I offer a quick complementary consultations for new clients to get to know me, to learn how a life coach can help in your journey and discover if working with me is just what you are looking for.

I understand and tailor my facilitation to any and all belief systems from the strictly scientific through the spirit realm.


"I had a wonderfully amazing yummy session with Max. The way he unraveled the energy I could not put words to was simply stunning. He has a gift of listening in a way most do not. Throughout the session as he explained certain things I was receiving awarenesses I might not have done so with others. I was able to be raw, vulnerable, me!"
- K.J, Las Vegas


"I received a session from Max immediately after I fell waterskiing and hurt my neck. He helped me gain great insights into why I hold my tension, regret and frustration in my neck. After we did a few techniques, the tension left my body and I felt immediate relief. I also realized that the tension was related to something that happened 2 years ago. This tension was also holding me back in my life and my business. Since letting go of the anger, regret and frustration, I have had my most successful week in my business and my life in months!!! Thank you Max! "

- C.W. Seattle, WA

“Max, would you like a testimonial? I'm so thrilled about what happened after our session. The cough that I've had for six months is gone! Who would have thought that clearing issues with my family and letting go of always taking care of people was holding it in place. Thank you!"

- K.W. Seattle


"Max! I'm so very grateful and thankful to you for assisting me the other day! It’s sort of rocked my world, although in a healthy way! What seemed like magic happened since then. Thank you for everything!"

- C.L. Seattle


"I received so much from this class. I want to live in a world where everyone has taken a class from Max.”

- H.S. - Seattle

"Hey Magic Max! I am experiencing gratitude for you today and you have had a huge impact in my reality. You should double your rates! You are a bargain at twice the price. I am now experiencing ease with legal and money issues and wasn’t expecting it but also ease with my family, pets and home. In our sessions you got in my head and grabbed stuff I had hidden and not only removed it but vaporized it. I've even looked to find limitations that were always there and now they are just gone. Big Change is showing up super-fast and while I'm hitting the gas I am aware how much easier this is with my body after my sessions with you. Feel free to use me as a referral anytime.
You da bomb!"                                                                      - D.L. Houston

Next Steps...

To find out more if my approach could be just what you are looking for, you can explore this site.  In Courses you can watch the first webinar in four of my paid courses for free.  Join my email list for tools you can use today to start creating the change you would like.  Or if you want to start right away or have any questions, contact me here.