When Things are Going Well, Does Somethign Negative Happen?

Does it seem like when things are starting to go really well, something happens to stop it?

We’ve heard that this is an abundant universe and the universe gives us what we would like. We are told: You just have to ask for it. Ask for it to manifest, and then you will receive it.

Has that worked for you?

It has at times worked for many of us, so we know it works.  Well, it kind of works….

You may have also noticed that when things start going your way, often something “negative” happens.

That recently happened to me, right before last week’s webinar. With my favorite shirt – the one I wanted to wear on my video being washed – my washing machine broke, full of water, and full of wet clothes.

“I don’t have time for this! ” I thought – well actually yelled that in my head.

Has something like that happened to you?

How often do these “negative” type events happen? If the universe wants to help us and also gives us what we ask for, why would this continue to happen?

“Am I doing something wrong?” Most of us have thought at one time.

But…what if there were other energetic forces actually working in opposition to what we were trying to create?

So all the places you thought you were doing something wrong, that it was you creating these challenges, when it was energetic forces working in opposition to you, do you choose to remove and destroy everything you decided about you because of that?  Yes, I choose that.  Vaporize, Liquefy.

Removing these forces is one of the areas I change in my empowerment coaching.  If you have any questions on how to do this, let me know.

Can Listening to Music Clear Somethings that Usually Require Processing?

What if listening to music could also create the changes you were looking for?

Monday, I woke up with a unexpected desire to listen to the hard rock I listened to in high school. I haven't listened to that type of music for years. It took me a while, but put together a play list on Spotify with some of the best rocking songs I could remember. As I listened, I could feel it clearing and releasing things that were up in my reality.

What type of music has energy and power to you, that might help you release what you would like to release?

Let me know what music works for you?


It's now been a couple days....

It's been interesting listening to this music this week. I've been able to access and clear things from far in the past that weren't reached in other ways. And I've had an enjoyment with this music that previously I wouldn't listen to because it used to remind me of the limitations I had when I first listened to them years ago.

What clearing is possible by just moving your body?

Last night I was invited to join a friend at an ecstatic dance. If you don’t know what ecstatic dance is, well it isn’t quite as racy as it sounds. It’s an open, free form, dance party where everyone is invited to dance in the way they would like, in any way they choose. There isn’t any talking on the dance floor and most people dance by themselves for just the joy of dancing.

Once on the dance floor, I found myself slightly uncomfortable and feeling a bit out of place. These people were friendly and inviting, and I can dance, so I asked, “What is this and why am I feeling it?”

I noticed that, because I wasn’t fully “comfortable” in the space, I had been making myself small and my being was only partially filling my body. No wonder I was feeling uncomfortable. I was only partially there.

Have you ever done anything like that? Gone into a place where you didn’t fully feel comfortable and then you made yourself smaller so you wouldn’t stand out?

To quickly change this say, “I claim all my body’s space, I claim all the space my body occupies!” You can even go as far as claiming more or even all the space around you. After I did that, I started to have more fun dancing. Yeah! That was until I saw myself in the mirror.

Now I consider myself a pretty good dancer, I can even partner dance, but looking in the mirror I saw that I was pretty rigid, and even jerky in my dancing. I started hearing, “White boy can’t dance,” in my head. I wondered, why I am so rigid, so jerky? What things were making my body rigid? Were there energy blocks or physical blocks causing this?

I then got that my body needed to clear his blocks. I clear energetic blocks in my being every day, but I was getting that my body needed to clear blocks in body ways. So I shook my body by dancing, jumping around, moving my arms, hands, feet and legs. I also asked for universal energies to move through my body, my joints, and clear out any and all stuck and stagnate energies.

What things have you been clearing or trying to clear mentally or with energy work, that your body needs to clear in her or his own way with movement? What energetic blocks have we thought needed to be cleared with energetic clearings that actually could be cleared easier with body movements?

Now it doesn’t have to be dancing that clears body blocks, so what stepping, jumping, skipping, twisting, stretching or other moving would your body like to do that would also clear what you or your body have been trying to change and clear?

What if you could have fun moving your body and clearing at the same time?

Let me know how it goes.


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Working together to create a world that works for all of us.

Have you be diminishing how challenging what you are going through really is?

At dinner last night my friend casually mentioned she didn’t have such a good day. I asked what was going on and she first mentioned the pretty normal things we all have. Job was a bit boring, not having a romantic partner, and some house projects that needed to get done (I was thinking to myself, yes those things can make for a tough day) and then she casually mentioned well there is this other thing.

What? That’s huge! We talked more, and my friend for the last few months, had been doing pretty much all of the recommended things for helping her daughter with depression and her daughter still was struggling. She wanted to do more to help her daughter, and felt she should do more, but didn’t know what else to do. I shared some tools I used in my work that might help..but that’s not why I’m sharing this with you.

It’s that so many of us can just get used to the challenges, get used to the struggles in our lives’. Because we deal with them every day we can forget that actually are big, or even huge, that they do take lots of energy to overcome. And sometimes even when we are doing a good job dealing with these challenges, because we know we could do better, we could do more, we can feel bad that we aren’t doing that too.

What if you actually are doing a great job given the challenges you face? Could you, could we, all be doing better? Doing more? Sure, but what if even if you could do more, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t doing a good or even great job now.

So, all the places you’ve been putting yourself down, beating yourself up for not doing better, when you actually were already doing a good or even a great job given the situation, do you choose to release, let go and/or allow that to be removed from your reality now? Yes, I choose that. Vaporize, Liquify

Let me know what this brings up for you, around the challenges you have been in or moving through.