Are You a Healer?

I was going to wait to release this video until after the Holidays as everyone seems to have way too much going on right now to watch a video, but I started asking myself.  Might this actually be a good time?  And the answer was Yes. There seem to be so many people that are ill, have other health or even have emotional issues around this time of the year.  With all this up, It can really be a hard time to be a caring person and/or to be a healer.  So I'm sending you this now.

I discuss and clear:

  • Why we feel drained after being around some people and how to change it.
  • What we were taught about caring that just isn't true.
  • How we can turn up our healing capacities and have more energy, not less.
  • As well as clearing a multitude of beliefs around being a healer that limit us.

Even if you don't think you are a healer you will find so much that applies to you.

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Next Steps...

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