Speeding Your Body's Natural Healing

What if your body just naturally heals quickly?  And you could speed your body's natural healing abilities to more quickly recover from an illness or injury.  To start to change a health issue that doesn't seem to be improving? In this five course webinar we will see how our own and society's beliefs slow our body's natural healing abilities and/or prevent health issues from changing.

Max talks about and clears the rarely mentioned forces that also impact healing; including connections we have to other people, to energetic energies or even to energetic beings. Together you will work with Max to clear  these limiting beliefs as well as energy draining connections so you can start speeding your healing today.

If you missed the free, I hesitate to say intro webinar as it is way more than just an intro,  you can watch the replay here.

In unlocking the blocks to speeding your body's healing, here are just a few of the things we will cover:

  • Having more energy for you and for your healing.
  • How to have more freedom being you in this world.
  • Where your connection to your body being messed with.
  • The many forces that are limiting you and your healing.
  • How to re-love your body and reclaim your communication with your body.

Speeding Your Body's Healing Includes:

Recordings of all 5 webinars- videos and audios so you can watch or listen at any time.

Over $160 in bonuses:

The Speeding Your Body's Healing audio.  This audio represents much of my knowledge around healing and puts together in one place the clearings I use to help support bodies, while they are recovering. It contains almost 1.3 hours of clearings to support you and your body in healing.  $75 value

20 minute personal session with Max for questions not answered on the webinars, or any other questions you might have. $85 value.

Five Part Webinar  - $297

Max sees the power in each and every one of us, shows us our power, how to access it and start using it for us rather than against us.