Changing Your Money Game

Changing Your Money GAME!

How much is your money tied into your happiness and/or what you’ve decided is wrong with you and your life?  What would it be like to change your money game?  Would you like to rewrite your future with money?

Join Shakti and Max as they unlock your money blocks and increase money flows!! In this four part Webinar we will move through these together to have a new freedom and flow with money.

Changing your money GAME!! Includes……

The Prosperity Game – Powerful molecular infusion process which integrates banking systems and your personal energies of money together.  It opens the doors of possibilities of increased cash flow into your life. -Shakti

Stop making you wrong for your money choices and your other choices in your life. Removing this wrongness gives us new access to money flows.  -Max

Where are you hiding money in your body?  Find your places and unlock it so money can flow to the rest of you and your wallet. -Shakti

Have you noticed this?  You start to have more money and then something happens that requires all or a large chunk of that money?  So, now you are back to where you started?  What if you could change that?  Reset your money thermostat. -Max

And those are just the first two classes!

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Only $197 US for these four powerful webinars.

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Shakti’s potency taps into the root of consciousness unwinding, untangling and creating new possibilities and accessing the creative codes for both your personal and business life.

Shakti is a Certified FMM (F*ing Miracle Maker), Body Whisperer, Prosperity Coach and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator/ Practitioner, Activating and Catalyzing Change in order to Access Your Creative Codes.


Max is a high level – Dynamic Change Facilitator working one on one or with groups to change anything and everything. He plays BIG and quickly takes them to and through the limitations they have decided are solid and unchangeable.

Max sees the power in each and every one of us and shows our power and how to access it and start using it for us rather than against us.


Looking forward changing the money game with you.