8-Week Program

Max Riggs leads you on your healing journey.

During this course we will use our time together to pull out remove, reduce and/or change the residual energies, emotions, thoughts and beliefs around abuse and other traumatic experiences.  Including the stuck energies that don’t seem to ever change, the spaces where we keep getting triggered, and that keep us from stepping into our full potential.   Removing what keeps you from speeding your healing journey.

If you haven’t yet watched the first class for FREE  you can view it here.

I’ll be using two new techniques I’ve recently developed, that I haven’t shared with anyone outside my private clients.   We will use these to create a space that actually pulls the energies and emotions around trauma out of our beings and bodies.  All this in a gentle, caring and deep way.  This Powerful Program is taught with a kindness, caring and gentleness that might surprise you.

You’ve most likely done a lot of personal growth on your challenges, working with professionals or other healers and haven’t yet received the peace that you had hoped for.  We will build upon the work you previously did and you will move further than you were able to in those other programs.  Because from what I’ve heard from my clients, in their programs or session they’ve been told many things that while they seem to be empowering, actually are disempowering.  How much has what you previously were told slowed your healing?

This program will work with wherever you are on your healing journey, as well as your belief systems or and modalities.

The philosophies I use in this course.

  • You are amazing and powerful.
  • Forgiveness is NOT required. (You can forgive, but it isn’t necessary.)
  • Your healing journey is unique to you.
  • You will move at your pace and use the tools and steps you want to you.
    • Unlike other programs there are no steps you have to do first.
  • All information in the class is designed to empower you.
  • Each class completes with you feeling lighter and more peaceful.

Course Details

Class 1

  • Setting up a safe space where you can release as little or as much as is comfortable for you.
  • Removing beliefs about abuse that aren’t even your beliefs, but are holding you down.
  • What is required on your healing journey?

Class 2

  • Special tool one, used to pull residual energies, emotions, discomfort out easily.
  • Breaking the cycle of abuse.
  • Prevent Karma from being used against you. (hint maybe you didn’t do bad things in a previous life).
  • The limitations of previous methods or modalities that kept you from healing.

Class 3

  • The unintended abuse you received from people who were trying to help you heal.
  • Processes to receive energetic nurturing and support from the universe and your spirit helpers.
    • Bonus -Downloadable audio so you can receive this extra support any time.

Call 4

  • The abuse paradigm.
  • Clearing oaths, vows, contract and lineage agreements that keep you locked where you are.

Call 5

  • Directing your healing energy toward healing you.
  • Cleansing your body, as well as energetic and emotional wounds.
  • Clearing blocks that keep you and your body always separate.
  • Removing past life legal agreements and contracts.

Call 6

  • Being a woman is amazing!
    • Removing societal beliefs that keep women feeling less valued.
  • (Supplemental video and audio around abused men – feeling less of a man)
  • Updated definition of PTSD and what those emotions are trying to tell you.
  • Changing PTSD now.
  • Unstick body sensations, emotions, hormones that are stuck on too high or too low.

Call 7

  • Forgiving Yourself.
  • Your body’s three responses to danger. Freeze, Flight, Fight
  • Change your default response to the one that works for the situation.
  • Did you choose this life?  Did you choose your parents? Everything that brings up. VL

Call 8

  • Bringing it all together.
  • Using what you learned to complete your healing journey.
  • Energetic clearing and purification ritual – pool and infinite being energy.
    • Journey to your own sacred healing space.


  • Amber P. 
  • I truly have no words to fully express my gratitude and amazement with these calls…. In many ways, I have cleared, shifted and healed in ways I didn’t even know I needed to or would benefit me. I am open to receiving the healing for the next layer…whatever that may be.
  • Jewell
  • INSPIRING AND NUTURING and surprisingly expansive! I loved the waterfall exercise for receiving universal nurturing energy. YOUR KINDNESS! and the magic healing wands! …. I now have more tools to deal with what comes up in my life and I’m being kinder to my body.
  • Shilpa S.
  •  I took this course and I feel that I made a wonderful choice. This course has created a lot of change and moved energies that I had been holding on to without being aware of it. We created a lot of change during the course too and I know this will continue as I listen to it again. Max is an amazing facilitator. He is very aware and can tune in to energies that are hiding or not on the surface. He held the space for all of us to release and change what we desired to and what was a contribution to our bodies and beings. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has gone through any abuse and trauma.

I Want This Course!

Only $497.00 for this powerful 8 week program. 

8-Classes via video or audio recordings

Moving Beyond Abuse Energetic Clearing Audio

Bonus: 60 minute private session with Max

If you have any questions, or wonder if this course is right for you, email me here.