This Changes Now! Energetic and Emotional Support Plus Clearing Audio v4.0 – Strong


This 74 minute audio has powerful verbal and energetic clearings for when you are having an emotionally, energetically, or physically challenging time. It also works for normal everyday situations by taking the edge off or even removing excess emotions and giving you energetic support when you need it. I recommend that you have this on your smartphone and play it at the first sign of a challenge or excess emotions. This is my go to recording for when I or my clients need energetic or emotional support.


Brand New 2019 version, New name, 74 minutes with More Power “This Changes Now! Strong v4.0 Energetic and Emotional Support When You Need It

Play this audio to help move through all ranges of challenges and situations. From changing the smallest emotion when you feel just a tad off to supporting you through the most challenging of times when you require much more emotional and energetic support. Previous versions of this audio were called “Crisis Clearing” because this audio is that powerful. Use this audio at any time, from taking down the level of energies in meetings, events, parties, heated discussions or to remove funky energies in a room, house, business, while traveling, etc.

Some common uses. Having an upset?  Feeling down? Unmotivated? Just got off social media?  Feeling a bit off?  Meeting people that always seem to upset you?  Visiting family? You can play this audio to take the edge off, or even to remove unwanted or excess emotions and to give you energetic support for any situation.

Of the two “This Changes Now! Emotional and Energetic Support When You Need It” this is the recommended one unless you have already been working directly with me. As this audio clears by leading you into clearing, removing, releasing what is up right now and has more explanation than the “This Changes Now! “Advanced version available here in my shop. Both of these Energetic Clearing Audios are actually very Advanced and can clear excess emotions, energetic forces and other energies and frequencies that previously could only be cleared during in-person sessions.

Not sure which version to get? You can get both versions here for only $67.50. That’s getting the second version for only $20 more!

If you are having challenges, or you have a person in your life that is having challenges, you can play this audio on your smartphone to start helping release upsets and challenges. It has the tools and energetic clearings I use in my private sessions to shift these energies for my clients. The audio also works to clear the energetic forces that can mess with us including entities, demons, creatures, aliens, reptilians, parasitics, gods and other non-contributive energetic energies.

It can also be used at any time to help lighten up emotions, tensions or upsets in you, the people around you, or in places and spaces you are in. If it is an especially challenging time, play this audio on repeat (you can use the lowest volume, but not mute) until you or the people you care about start to feel better.

This is a powerful audio and the first time you listen to it do so while seated or lying down. Do not listen to this audio while driving or where fine motor coordination or balance is required. Occasionally the first few times listening or if it is an especially challenging time, a rare number of people might experience some physical sensations, such as dizziness or stomach discomfort while listening. This usually passes quickly, though reducing the volume until it is barely audible, or moving the playback device further away or even into another room can help.

The energies accesses in this audio do go beyond verbal and yet all the clearings on this audio are clearly audible. You always have full and complete choice in what you clear and change.

Click the arrow below to listen to a two minutes sample of the audio.

Your purchase also includes any updates I make to this audio for one year.

Note: While this audio has created change for all the clients I’ve worked with, if you or the person you care about is not experiencing relief from this audio or are in a mental health crisis, contact your health care provider, care crisis line or the national (US) suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255.  Or you can text. Text CONNECT to 741741 from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis.  For other countries find your numbers here.

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic clearing audios click here.


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