This Changes Now! Emotional and Energetic Support Clearing Audio

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This 68 minute audio has powerful verbal and energetic clearings for when you are having an emotionally, energetically, or physically challenging time. It also works for normal everyday situations by taking the edge off or even removing excess emotions and giving you energetic support when you need it. I recommend that you have this on your smartphone and play it at the first sign of a challenge or excess emotions. This is my go to recording for when I or my clients need energetic or emotional support.

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Brand new 2019 version 4.0! – 68 minutes of the most powerful energetic clearings available anywhere. Provides you with emotional and energetic support when you need it.

Play this audio to help move through all ranges of challenges and situations. From changing the smallest emotion when you feel just a tad off to supporting you through the most challenging of times when you require much more emotional and energetic support. Previous versions of this audio were called “Crisis Clearing” because this audio is that powerful. Use this audio at anytime, from taking down the level of energies in meetings, events, parties, heated discussions or to remove funky energies in a room, house, business, while traveling, etc.

Some common uses. Having an upset?  Feeling down? Unmotivated? Just got off social media?  Feeling a bit off?  Meeting people that always seem to upset you?  Visiting family? You can play this audio to take the edge off, or even to remove unwanted or excess emotions and to give you energetic support for any situation.

I recommend that you, have this audio on your smartphone and play it at the first sign of non-contributive feelings, energies or challenges. It is packed full of the energetic clearings I use in my private sessions to shift energies for my clients. The audio also works to clear and remove entities, demons, creatures, aliens, reptilians, gods and all other non-contributive energetic energies. This is my go to audio, when I’m feeling funky or having a challenging time. It can also be used at anytime for more clarity and focus. If it is an especially challenging time, play this audio on repeat until you start to feel better.

This is the most powerful and advanced energetic clearing audio I have. And might be the most powerful energetic clearing audio available anywhere. (If you know of another one, let me know.) If you haven’t been working with me already, experiencing these powerful clearings, I recommend you purchase the Strong Version available here in my shop It works just as well and has more lead in and explanation which can make it easier to understand and not as abrupt as this audio. Even the Strong version is very advanced and might be too powerful for some beginners.

This is a powerful energetic clearing audio and the first time you listen to it do so while seated or lying down. Do not to listen to this audio while driving or where fine motor coordination or balance is required. Occasionally during the first few times listening or if it is an especially challenging time, a rare number of people might experience some physical sensations such dizziness or stomach discomfort while listening. This usually passes quickly though reducing the volume until it is barely audible, or moving the playback device further away or even into another room can help.

The energies accesses in this audio do go way beyond verbal and yet all the clearings are clearly audible and understandable. This gives you full and complete choice in what you remove, clear or change. We only remove or change what you want, when you want it.

Click the play button below to listen to a two minute sample.

Your purchase also includes any updates I make to this audio for one year.

Note: While this audio has created change for all the clients I’ve worked with, if you are not experiencing relief from this audio or are in a mental health crisis, contact your health care provider, care crisis line or the national (US) suicide prevention hot line at 1-800-273-8255.  Or you can text. Text CONNECT to 741741 from anywhere in the USA, anytime, about any type of crisis. For other countries find your support numbers here.

5 reviews for This Changes Now! Emotional and Energetic Support Clearing Audio

  1. Marguerite VanderSloot

    I was in Berkeley, playing with the energies, and not feeling, being, or having much fun. I put on my first clearing I had from Max. There you go, Listened to it while walking to visit my daughter’s school. By the time I got there, the energy had shifted. Thanks Max!

  2. Sonja

    When you wake up in the morning and you just don”t know what happened during the night because you so feel soooo terrible, you’ve tried all sorts of things and nothing works? Just put the Crisis clearing on a loop, with or without sound and just let everything go….. I even use it at night,on a loop and without sound and it seems to keep all sorts of weird energies out of my field. and my partner who doesn’t even know I’ve played this all night, wakes up with a smile 🙂 I highly recommand this ! It should be called the MAGIC Crisis Clearing 🙂

  3. Jane Dignan

    I have found this extremely helpful for resetting a tone that is going downhill, bringing myself back to a place of centered peace. This may take a concerted effort if I let a mood go too long without countering it but well worth the effort. So helpful to have a format to turn to when my habitual patterns would have me dig myself deeper.

  4. Walks With a Feather

    Max puts a lot of energy into his work, you can literally feel it moving through, around, and away from your body as issues are cleared. Anytime you’re not feeling 110%, this helps bring You back. Also great to prep you for a private session, highly recommended!

  5. Jaden Fox

    There were times when I was feeling really challenged and in a low space, I would go to this recording to feel “picked up” and help me to step up again and do what was needed to make the change I required

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