Moving Beyond Abuse And Trauma 8-Part Web Course

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In the Moving Beyond Abuse and Trauma Course, we will be removing stuck, residual energies and limiting beliefs to speed your healing journey.  I’ll be using an “energetic collector” to create a space where removing these residual energies just naturally happens.


This Changes Now! Strong v4.0         $47.50 value

Power Up and Energetic Refresh v4.0                   $34.75 value

1-60 minute session with Max    $225.00 value   Over $300 in Bonuses!


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Throughout the course, we will use our time together to pull out remove, reduce and/or change the residual energies, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs around abuse and other traumatic experiences.  Including the energies that are stuck and don’t seem to change, the spaces where we keep getting triggered, and that keep us from stepping into our full potential.   What keeps you from speeding your healing journey.

If you haven’t yet watched the Free first class for this course do you watch it here.

I’ll be using two new techniques I’ve recently developed, that I haven’t shared with anyone outside my private clients.   We will use these to create a space that actually pulls the energies around trauma out of our beings and bodies.  All this in a way that is easier than we could release them before.

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Your purchase gives you instant access to the first six of the recorded classes and you’ll receive new classes the day they are released.


This Changes Now! v4.0     $47.50 value

Power Up and Energetic Refresh v4.0     $34.75 value

1-60 minute session with Max    $225.00 value   Over $300 in Bonuses!

If you have any questions on if this course is right for you, or if after watching the Free first webinar you have questions, please email or FB messenger me.

4 reviews for Moving Beyond Abuse And Trauma 8-Part Web Course

  1. A.P (verified owner)

    I truly have no words to fully express my gratitude and amazement with these calls…. In many ways, I have cleared, shifted and healed in ways I didn’t even know I needed to or would benefit me. I am open to receiving the healing for the next layer…whatever that may be. I am experiencing so much ease, peace and an increased sense of awareness thanks to all your expertise!

  2. Jewell

    INSPIRING AND NUTURING and surprisingly expansive! I loved the waterfall exercise for receiving universal nurturing energy. YOUR KINDNESS! and the magic healing wands! …. I now have more tools to deal with what comes up in my life and I’m being kinder to my body.

  3. Lorrie S (verified owner)

    This Course took on a life of it’s own, It was so dynamic, it didn’t want to stop. I am grateful for Max”s willingness to continue with the flow of the consciousness creative energies that this course demanded. I personally got so much out of it. Old memories and energies surfaced, the healing space was available to simply let it all go. And I did. I will continue to use the tools and listen to the calls. A worthwhile investment in myself,my body, my life’s adventure. Thank you Max your commitment and your friendship !

  4. Shilpa S. (verified owner)

    I took this course and I feel that I made a wonderful choice. This course has created a lot of change and moved energies that I had been holding on to without being aware of it. We created a lot of change during the course too and I know this will continue as I listen to it again. Max is an amazing facilitator. He is very aware and can tune in to energies that are hiding or not on the surface. He held the space for all of us to release and change what we desired to and what was a contribution to our bodies and beings. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has gone through any abuse and trauma.

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