Travel Clearing Energetic Audio Recording – For Ease Before, During and After Your Travel

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Many energy and body discomforts just seem to come up when traveling. Especially if you have fear of flying or like many of us, concerns about flying. This 55 minute audio clears these energies and removes or lighten body discomfort to make getting to you destination energetically and physically easier.

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Do you enjoy going to new destinations or visiting friends and family far away? But does the act of traveling (by air, train, car or boat) reduces your desire to go? Would you like to be as comfortable as the frequent travelers that go to far off places with seemly almost no difficulty? Do you have fear of flying? For energetically aware people there are multiple energies that just make travel difficult, but we can change that. This 55 minute audio takes the edge off of travels, and can even make them easy. It contains all of my powerful travel clearings for what comes up energetically and physically when we travel.

I recommend listening to it a week or day before your travels, when you start your travels and for additional support, when you change vehicles and arrive at your destination. For fear of flying, play it on low volume before and during your flight.

You can listen to two minute sample below.

Your purchase includes any upgrades I make to the audio for 1 year.

For full instructions and how to get the most out of energetic clearing audios click here.

1 review for Travel Clearing Energetic Audio Recording – For Ease Before, During and After Your Travel

  1. A. P. (verified owner)

    Max, I recently used your travel clearing before a trip. I don’t often travel solo but on this trip I had to fly to meet my husband. Your clearing made the packing, travel and process easy and even fun! So grateful for your expertise. Already looking forward to my next trip! Your download instructions were helpful and easy to follow.

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