You deserve support and caring.

And that's what I provide in all my services.  Whether you choose to work with me for just one session or join my VIP program, you'll always be supported and valued for being who you are.


VR from Seattle "I can tell you anything and know I'll not be judged.  Somehow you seem to find a way to show me that I'm not wrong, and that I have the power to change." 

What if you could receive exactly what you are looking for?

We start off each session with a question.  That question might be "What would you like to change today?"  or  "What would you like clarity around?" Our life is created by the decisions, judgments and emotions we have.  Many of these actually aren't true and put in place limitations that lock us down.  When we remove these, we really can start being the person we came here to be and have more fun in our lives.  With my tools and techniques we can change things that previously were unchangeable.

"What would you like to change today?"

60 or 90 minute Session

You have something you are looking to change right away or you would like to see what change is possible for you. No matter what the challange we will be able to start changing things and get you back to being more of you. After a session you will feel lighter and most everyone has a sense of possibility they didn't have before. Sessions are by phone or video and are a powerful way to start changing things today.

Dynamic Change Packages

With ongoing support, we build upon the changes you received after your first session. We go to deeper levels as what you previously thought was unchangeable you now can it how it can be changed. Being fulling supported as you move through these spaces, gives you the added strength to go where you couldn't go before. You can now bring up things that you might not even been able to mention to anyone before. Packages start with 4 sessions for a full month of change.

VIP - Nothing Will Stop You Package

There is level of support and caring that weekly one-on-one (or even multiple times a week) sessions gives you that nothing else can. These VIP packages are designed individually for you and the support you require. This is a level of support and honoring of you and your life's experiences, that most of us have never had. Access to my full library of products, all my classes and priority access to me is included as part of your full support package.


Next Steps...

Are you ready to start having the change you've been desiring?  You can purchase sessions with me in my shop or click this button to contact me for your Dynamic Change session. If you have questions, just ask as I'm happy to help.