Watch for FREE the First Class in this 8-Week Course.

In this video and throughout the course, we will use our time together to pull out remove, reduce and/or change the residual energies, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs around abuse and other traumatic experiences.  Including the stuck energies that don’t seem to ever change, the spaces where we keep getting triggered, and that keep us from stepping into our full potential.   Removing what keeps you from speeding your healing journey.

After a devastating breakup, the first free video was the only thing that helped me feel better.  Laila

The program has been upgraded to include bonuses to fully support you on your healing journey. Your Healing Program includes a 60-minute one-on-one healing session with Max plus an addition 15-minute when you need it power session. 8-weeks of email support. 3 energetic releasing audios for any time you need extra support.

You can see the full course description here.

Through this recorded video/audio program you receive healing, emotional release and the change you desire so you too can move beyond the abuse and trauma you experienced.

What are people saying about this program?

Amber…..I truly have no words to fully express my gratitude and amazement with these calls.

Jewell…..INSPIRING AND NURTURING and surprisingly expansive! I loved the waterfall (exercise for receiving universal nurturing energy.)

Shilpa……I took this course and I feel that I made a wonderful choice. This course has created a lot of change and moved energies that I had been holding on to without being aware of it.

If you have any questions on this course, and if it is right for you,  please contact me here.