Your Healing Superpowers

Everything You Need to Know

Access and use your healing abilities easily without energy loss, discomfort or any ramifications.

Your Energetic Healing Superpowers - The Course

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What would it be like to easily access your healing capacities?

To heal without getting tired, draining your energy or any other negative ramification you might have experienced in the past?

Six+ Modules

Packed full of clearings, receivings, healing and energetic change.

See more of the Powerful Healer You Naturally are.

Tap into and use Unlimited Universal Energy in Your Healing.

What if you could access that now?

You Will Discover:

  • The reason why it can be hard to see the difference you make for others
  • What it really means when it "seems" like your healing doesn't work (Hint what if your healing really did work for them?)
  • Why being around certain people can be so draining
  • The limiting thoughts and beliefs around being a healer (and remove them)
  • More ease in your world and being around "negative" people
  • How to access and use the healing powers that are unique to you (powers that you have that no one else has)

In our time together we will move fast and clear big.  Whether you are a budding healer just testing out your healing powers, or a professional healer looking to massively increase your healing results.

This course will help you quickly achieve just that.

You will access spaces where changing everything is possible and step into the powerful, (or more powerful) healer you already are.

***  Works with any modality. ***


This Program is for You if:

You Are:

  • Curious to learn more about your healing abilities
  • Ready to step into more of your power (including your healing power)
  • Beginner or Advanced - you want to know how to use your healing more easily
  • Open to learning new information and easier ways to heal
  • Desiring to make this world a better place

Not For You:

  • You completely understand all your healing abilities and never have had any issues or discomfort.
  • You already know all there is to know about healing and energy work
  • You never are tired after healing or being around certain people
  • Things are good enough already

Only $197 for this Powerful Program

****     Bonus     ****

Emergency Kit for Healers

Two powerful energetic clearing audios that are like a personal one-on-one energetic change session.

Receive my latest and most powerful clearing audios included - that normally have to be purchase separately for $115.00

This Changes Now! v4.0

  • Designed for your toughest days
  • When you need emotional or energetic support
  • Clears excess emotions and energies in and around you (or your clients)
  • Takes the edge when emotions are running high
  • Changes chaotic energies (crowds, buses, offices) so you can more easily be around them
  • Use this after a difficult healing session, or if you "picked up" something from your client

Speeding Your Body's Natural Healing

  • Helps your body release non-contributive energies
  • Removes limiting beliefs (most of us have) that you can't heal quickly
  • Helps prevent you from becoming ill (when you are around sick people or you are extra tired)
  • Gives your immune system and energetic immune system a boost
  • Helps you let go of illnesses you pulled out of other people

These Energetic Audios Remove and Clear What Previously Could Only Be Changed in Personal Sessions.

!!!!   Fast Action Bonus   !!!!

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Removing Financial Blocks the Keep Your Money Flows Small.


Healers often have issues with their finances.  This recorded webinar removes energetic forces and energetic blocks that keep you from your abundant money flows.  (Sold separately in my shop for $125)

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Do You Desire More Personalized Support?

Work one-on-one with Max in your personal Dynamic Change Session

Add One or Two Personal 60 min Dynamic Change Sessions with Max

  • 1

    Healer Online Support Plus Your Personal Sessions With Max

    We will cover a lot in this course, more than most multi-month Healer programs. We will get to the heart of so many of the issues that all healers have. You will have time in each call to ask questions, and/or email me. So you will get great value from this Healer course.

  • 2

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Combining the group calls with a phone or video session with me, gives you the best of both worlds. We can go deeper in places that are unique to you and your life experiences. In your personal sessions, we can go into anything that you would like to address and change whether related to being a healer or another area.

  • 3

    Use Your Session When You Want To

    Add your 60 minute dynamic change session with Max for only $100 more: less than half the $225 normal price! or add two for even more change and healing.

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Your Healing Powers Course
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  • Speeding Your Body's Natural Healing -Clearing Audio
  • This Changes Now! v4.0s Energetic Clearing Audio
  • Lifetime Access
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Healing Powers Course + Two Dynamic Sessions
$397one time
  • FULL Healer Program
  • Plus All the Bonuses
  • Personalized Support Including
  • 2- 60 minute customized sessions
  • Priority email support
  • Speeding Your Body's Natural Healing - Clearing Audio
  • This Changes Now! v4.0s Energetic Clearing Audio
  • Lifetime Access
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What my participants in my last two classes shared about their experience.

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